Can Wireless Internet be Monitored

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For can wireless internet be monitored is the help of a freeware program that monitors all of your wireless network at the primary level and provide ideas on how to secure your connection. Wireless Network Watcher is a small freeware utility that scans for available wireless networks and shows a list of computers connected to your connection.

To start scanning your wireless network, you first need to connect to your wireless connection, start Watcher Wireless Network and go to the Options menu and select Advanced Options. You can also press the F9 function key to open the Advanced Options on this utility. In the Advanced Options, check the box Use the following network adapter and click on the drop down menu click on the OK button to save your settings.
After network adapter selection, you have to start scanning. To begin scanning, you can see the green triangle button press to start the scanning process. After that there are a lot of information related to Wi-Fi connection. First of all, the IP addresses of both devices Wi-Fi and your computer with Mac Address. After that you can see the detail of the device. Using all this, you can get information about how many computers are connected to Wi-Fi.
But any other computer that you get on the list means that other people use Wi-Fi without your permission and you can take further action to stop unwanted access Wireless router as a name change, password and other security settings. So you can wireless internet be monitored.

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